Especially Now

work by

Jacqueline Welch

June 15 – July 20, 2018

Artist’s Reception, June 22nd


Animal behavior has always fascinated me. My lifelong interest in the connections between dogs and humans has led to concern for their mistreatment such as their use in research labs and as blood donors. I am always thrilled to learn of the new work of dogs in capacities such as comfort, ambulatory and literacy therapy, and for diabetic, seizure and cardiac alert. My most recent series is based on the new work of dogs and the natural environment and behaviors of the canine. Through my work in narrative drawings and paintings, I advocate for the right of dogs to be life-long companions.

Religious artwork and the landscape are influential to my work. Sacred and pagan elements in some images reflect my Irish-Catholic background and love of medieval painting and Celtic art. The environments in these works are drawn from hikes in Letchworth State Park and along the shores of Wellesley Island and Lake Erie.

–  Jacqueline Welch


In these complicated times, the unconditional bond between animals and their humans seems evermore significant – especially now.