Kristina Siegel

Jörg Schnier

… and what is the use of talking?

March 16 – April 13

Opening reception, March 16, 6-9pm

First Friday, April 6, 6-9pm



The new site-specific spatial installation by Kristina Siegel and Jörg Schnier, created for Indigo Gallery, continues their search for lost time by examining the ephemeral quality of home.

True to the title “… and what is the use of talking?” it is an act of visual storytelling tying delicate fabric and paper objects, photographs, drawings, a video projection and the existing qualities of the space into a new narrative that only comes together in the interpretative imagination of the observer. Not all is what it seems at first glance in this fragmented still life reflection of a potential past. Instead of linear strings of meaning it plays with fields of meaning in the sense of Umberto Eco’s description of art as an ‘open work’.

The overall impression of the installation is imbued with an atmosphere that is best described by the term ‘mono-no-aware’ in Japanese aesthetics – literally the ‘pathos of things’ – as an expression of the gentle sadness about the impermanence and passing of all things.