Update Indigo

Hoping that everyone is safe and well, and finding ways to navigate through these challenging times.

While we all work towards finding  a balance between the need to feel productive, and the importance of being able  to appreciate the moment, this quote from Ann Hamilton seems particularly timely.

Trust the in-between

Our culture has beheld with suspicion unproductive time, things not utilitarian and daydreaming in general, but we live in a time when it is especially challenging to articulate the importance of experiences that don’t produce anything obvious, aren’t easily quantifiable, resist measurement, aren’t easily named, are categorically in between. – Ann Hamilton

Though exhibitions have disappointingly been postponed and the gallery is temporarily shuttered, we’ve been working, spending some time daydreaming, making plans for the future, and trusting the in-between.


A Resource:Art Project On view on Artsy

As the effects and uncertainties of this pandemic continue to unfold, we look for ways to bring attention and assistance to our strong arts community. Sales from this virtual online-only exhibition will benefit artists and arts and cultural non-profits chosen by the individual participating artist. Please enjoy looking through this extraordinary collection of work, and consider acquiring a piece, to bring pleasure to your surroundings and to support the arts community in these precarious times. 

As time passes , we  become more aware of how much we miss our community. We miss getting together at openings and events,we miss sharing conversations about life and work, and realize the incredible importance of human contact & connections. In an attempt to lessen the distance, & the anxiety inherent in social distancing,  we’ll be talking with some of the artists whose work is included in SUPPORT, in their homes or studios, to hear about what they’re working on, and thinking about during these uncertain times. These brief conversations will be available to view on igtv next week.

More hopeful news about plans for the future, coming soon.

Please Take care, we miss you.

Elisabeth Samuels
Indigo Gallery